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What Are Online Learning Obstacles?

I’ve been working as an online writing tutor during the last 10 years or so, and this has helped me understand the feelings of isolation that so many students that I work with are experiencing.

Check out this TEDxUCSD video in which Niema Moshiri reflects on his years as a student in massive classrooms and his goal of changing education and the benefits of adaptive online learning:

I often hear my students explain that they don’t really understand their assignments, what it is their instructors are looking for, and that they only rarely will receive a response to their emails when they are asking for help.

Often they feel lost, so they are pretty grateful for finding me, at least a real person they can connect with.

Additionally, quite a few students have never ever visited, nor are they aware of, their school’s library, be it online or in a physical building, and this causes many problems when they are assigned research papers.

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Becoming A Physical Therapist Online Has Never Been Easier

Unlike previously when it was mandatory to physically attend classes at a campus for you to graduate as a physical therapist, you now can study for your degree from the comfort of your home. There are a few things you should keep in mind before you undertake an online course.

The first thing you should do is research all the schools that give you the option to study online. You should check that these are reputable schools that have accreditation, whether regionally or nationally.

Once you have a list of the schools, you should compare and contrast their fee structures. Some schools will be more expensive than others. Doing this will help you select the one that is more suited to your budget.

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Online Education Solutions

Online education is a way for a person busy with their everyday life to go back to school. Whether you are going back to get your bachelor’s degree, masters degree, Ph.D. or are just wanting to learn more about the field you are already in there is sure to be a program for you.

You will not only be able to take the classes you’ve always wanted or finally finish the program you’ve started, but you will also be able to continue on with your daily life as well.

It will take some discipline and sacrifice to finish being that you will have to use your extra time to complete it but it will bring many benefits along the way. In some cases, you can increase your salary by becoming more knowledgeable in your current field of work or you can finally get a job in the field you love. Whatever your reason for wanting to expand your knowledge it can be met by online education solutions.

If you have any reserves for not wanting to take online classes there are some programs that will offer trial classes or a mock class for you to get an idea of how the classes are taught and what will be required of you.

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Why you should make friends with your teaching assistant

For all those first-year freshman students that are ready to take their first leap into college life, there is an important factor you must take into consideration.  Many of you have probably overlooked how to connect with professors and teaching assistants.  It’s central to understand how to communicate with them if you want your classes and the rest of your college career to be successful.

What is a teaching assistant?

A Teaching Assistant (TA) assists the professor in marking tests, papers and exams, putting lectures together, putting tests together, running discussion groups and pretty much anything else the professor wants.  Most teaching assistants are graduate students and are therefore quite busy with classes, teaching and doing their own research.

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Should I Be Changing My Major?

I’ve been seriously thinking about changing my major lately.  Yes, part of the reason is the horrible things physics (a C last fall) and organic chemistry (also a C last fall, looks like I am headed for another C this spring) have done to my GPA.  Two years ago I was on the dean’s’ list for my GPA of 3.75.  It fell to 3.2 in the fall semester.  Ouch!

Physics I just didn’t understand.  I spent the last half of that class wondering Why is this required for me? and Who thinks of these things anyway?  Organic chemistry is very interesting, and I do understand it, but it is a true case of information overload.

There is just so much new stuff in each chapter, and the professor makes some really tough tests.  Considering almost a third of the class either dropped or flunked the fall semester, I am really not doing too badly.  It’s just hard to see my GPA dwindle like this.

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Looking For A Great College in Connecticut?

Now you’ve finally completed your high school education and college is calling! I hope you’ve applied to the right school for YOU. That’s what matters. It’s not only about reputation, name, or fame. Most of the schools listed here are offering their academic courses both on-campus and online.

So if you’ve been accepted at another college, check out the schools anyway to see how their online courses may help you achieve your academic dreams. So let’s take a look at some of the Best Colleges in Connecticut.

Yale University – Yale is arguably one of the best-known universities in the world, together with the likes of Harvard in the US and Oxford and Cambridge in the UK and is the third oldest university in the United States.

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Where to Obtain a Wildlife Management Degree?

Wildlife management is the art and science of balancing the needs of wildlife – mammals, birds, fish, even plants – with those of humans. Wildlife management covers such things as game keeping, conservation, and even pest control.

As more and more people have become aware of the need to monitor the environment, in general, it has become a recognized science and those wishing to pursue a career in the area can now pursue degrees in wildlife management to gain a solid footing in the basics.

Which Schools Offer a Wildlife Management Degree?

As it is a relatively new subject for study it is not wildlife management is not yet a commonly offered course across the college campuses of the US. There are however a growing number of institutions offering students the chance to pursue a wildlife management degree at varying different levels.

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Should You Consider a Foreign Exchange Student Program?

Experiencing another country first hand can be a great way to learn all about another culture as well as to improve your grasp of a foreign language. For years now various foreign exchange student program offerings have been helping students from all over the world to do just that while offering host families the chance to learn just as much from their guests as the students do from them.

How does a Foreign Exchange Student Program Work?

There are a number of different organizations that match students with host families in various different countries but the way they all basically work is very similar. Many of those entering a foreign country are still in high school in their homeland and by becoming a foreign exchange student they will get to experience how other kids are educated by attending the school where their host family lives.

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Which are the Best Colleges in Colorado?

Colorado – The Rocky Mountain State – is home to a number of excellent colleges. Given the number of different colleges in Colorado, it may be hard to determine which the best colleges in Colorado are since every student has their own unique needs.

However, there are certain colleges in Colorado that enjoy a fabulous reputation for excellence both within the state and out. Here is a little information about a few of those schools that vie for the best colleges in Colorado crown:

Best Colleges in Colorado – Colorado School of Mines – The Colorado School of Mines is located in Golden, Colorado and has been in existence since 1873. In the 21st century, it is possibly the most selective institution of higher learning in Colorado and only the best students are accepted.

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Colleges clamp down on cheaters

On today’s technology-driven campuses, cheating is easier than ever, from sharing test answers via wireless devices to creating cut-and-paste term papers directly from the Net.

Now, educators are battling back with an arsenal of high-tech countermeasures — anti-plagiarism software, biometrics (thumbprints and retina scanning) to ensure test-taker identity, among others — to help curb academic dishonesty.

This summer, thousands of universities nationwide are rolling out programs to detect student work that may have been copied from the Net or from other students’ papers. High schools are putting into place computer technology that ensures that students using the Net for research are forced to cite their sources.

‘’There’s a combination of technology tools and strategies that teachers have in their quivers now to offset the concern with cheating,’’ says Don Knezek, director of the National Center for Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers to Use Technology, a division of the U.S. Department of Education.

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