I Hate Wearing Glasses

The other day I went to sleep and all was fine.

Then around 5:30/6 am I woke up.  Not spontaneously.  Rather my eye was really bothering me.  It was painful and runny (sorry for the lovely details!).

So I went to the bathroom and saw that my eye was really red. I washed it and tried going back to sleep. No going.

So naturally I logged onto the internet to see what the possible causes of a red, runny, painful eye could be. First possibility? Pink eye. Now I’ve never had pink eye before, I know it is highly contagious.  So when I took a shower I was super careful and used a separate towel to dry my face.

Now I’m not a huge fan of doctors (most people aren’t I suppose) but I knew something was wrong and I figured it was probably something I should have checked out.  I wear contact lenses and have quite the visual impairment without them. (No .. literally … I just went for a recent eye exam and all I could see was a black blur for the top letter. You know the huge E at the top of the chart? Just a blur for me!)

So I figured I’d go to Patient First.  But then the redness went down because I’d stopped itching (something else you aren’t supposed to do with pink eye!).  So I started wondering if I should even go to the doctor. Maybe I’m being a hypochondriac? Maybe nothing is really wrong and the doctor will think I’m wasting his time?

D was the voice of reason and asked if it still hurt. Well it did … so off to the doctor we went. And it turns out it’s a good thing I did … because I have an abrasion (tear?) on my cornea.

Very small … but very painful!  Doctor said take eye drops 3x per day and come back tomorrow because it should be 50% better. No problem.

To give my eyes a rest I took the day off and was finally able to fall back asleep.

The next day before work I went in for a check.  Only it was a different doctor so she couldn’t tell me if my eye was better or not. Great.

My mom suggested I call her opthomalogist practice and see if I could get an appointment. Again, I felt like I was making a mountain out of a molehill.  It was feeling better so why should I go in. Couldn’t I just wait? Well … eventually she talked me into at least calling to try to make an appointment and explain what was wrong with my eye. So I did. And all their doctors were at a symposium. I.e. no doctors available for appointments! That made the decision simple.

So then it is Saturday. And I really wasn’t in the mood to go in for a THIRD day in a row.  But then they called me and said the doctor really wanted to see me.

So back I went. And according to him it’s much better.

But I still can’t wear my contacts until my drops are gone.  Remember that eye exam I referenced above? Well I received new contact and glasses prescriptions. And the doctor gave me a trial pair of contacts. But my glasses? Well I haven’t been able to get them changed yet. So that means I’m still using an older version of glasses. Which means headaches.

Thursday can’t come soon enough!