My Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs. I Try to Enjoy The Ride

I have such a roller coaster life. I swear. It is constantly on an up and down. Anyway, so…let’s start with nearly a week ago Friday. It was my first evening shift ever (that was not considered training) at Family & Children Services. It was hell on earth, I kid you not.

I already wrote on my twitter that I was called an “Ugly b**** who sucks my daddy’s d***.” By a 10 year old! I dealt with being hit…first by a flying shoe, then the kid came up behind me on two occasions to beat me with his fists. My dinner was SPIT on. Talk about FUN, kids. FUN. No, it wasn’t. I woke up on Tuesday morning…as I was supposed to go to one of my last trainings….And I quit. I took my bag in with all of my keys, my ID card, etc.

And I turned it into the front desk with a big fat SMILE on my face. It felt so darn good to say “This is for Rich!” and walk away. With an even bigger smile. Then I deal with people who dropped out from high school and took GED classes in the Bronx to get their GED diploma. I help them to manage getting to college. Hard work, believe me.

Then, Trent and I had yet AGAIN another fight last night. Not as bad as before, but it was very emotional. Mostly because we came to some sort of agreement. We both like having each other in our lives. But we both want different things from each other right now. We have decided that no matter what, we will always be friends. I know, I know. A lot of couples make similar vows…that once they break up, they will still be in contact, but I think that will happen here.

I have no doubt about it. Because we really work well as friends. We have a lot of fun together when there is no relationship-related pressure. Does that even make sense?? It’s mostly his fault. I blame him for that, but whatever. We just don’t fight when there is no pressure there in the air. So, we’ve also vowed to go to New York City still. As great friends. No talking about relationship issues. Just going up and taking that break we really need from life. No matter what happens…we’re always going to be there for each other. I really think we will. Maybe one day it will work itself out, but I’m not counting on it. Besides, I’ve already had nearly all of my friends and family coming out of the woodwork to tell me that they never thought he and I would make it all the way anyway. Jerks…for not telling me. Whatever….At least I know they are supportive of this!

Today, I went into work VERY tired. I had been up crying most of the night…Mostly just an emotional release. One of the very last things we said to each other before we went to bed was about how we were always going to be friends. It was bittersweet. And somewhat relieving. We’re doing our best to not argue right now. It’s not going to change anything that has gone wrong….And it’s not going to make a very great ending…leaving us with the decision that we probably CAN’T be friends. EVER. We don’t want that.

Anyway, so yeah, I didn’t get a wink of sleep. But went into work, trying to be enthusiastic. It was even more fabulous when, at 9 a.m., as my boss was heading down to her office, asked me to pop in and talk to her for a few. So…close to 10 a.m., I finally creeped down there. She was on the phone and there was an appreciation memo:

“Thank you for taking great initiative with assignments at 8th Street. Your hard work makes home evaluation go very smoothly. Thanks for your continuous hard work. – Kate”

After she got off the phone. She offered me, basically, a promotion. To shift supervisor. I don’t know yet what my raise is going to be, but I will see it on my next check. I’m also certain she will be giving me a sheet of paper at some point with an exact number on it. Shoot, I don’t care if it only went up .50-.75 cents, you know? I’m just so happy to have this promotion. Apparently, I’m awesome at what I do. This is the first time in a long time that I have really been praised for a job well done. Much better than being in business any day. Even if I AM poor.