Spooky Fun For Teens

Oh, how time has flown chasing away one big yellow moon after another… When our boys were much younger it was easy to entertain them on Halloween. Often we would take them to the local church for their hosted Trunk O Treat.

My boys would love to walk by the various decorated parked cars on the church parking lot as they gathered candies from cobweb covered spooky trunks. My husband and I loved that we could keep them in a safe and contained environment.

As our kids grew a little older we would also take them to pockets of our town where neighbors would drape their homes for Halloween. When they grew more independent, us parents would take turns supervising groups of their friends while they trick-o-treated.

Throughout grade school they would gather with their classmates and friends for the annual Halloween Parade around the campus. A paparazzi of parents would run around following the spooky snake made of ghouls, ghosts, fairy princesses, and cartoon characters to capture the moment. The festivities were topped with classroom parties.

Just as a weathervane moves with the winds of time, our kids are now teenagers in high school yearning for a taste of complete independence from our constant looming presence. What is a parent to do? I gathered some ideas that worked well for us over the years – we also have a 20 year old.

Tips and Tricks for a hauntingly good time!

Set clear boundaries and consequences for your teens. I promise that they will love you for it when they get older. For now, they may hate you a little but that’s a parenting perk.

Hosting a party at home could be a fun way to work together with your teens. They can help organize the event while gaining leadership skills and learning about responsibility. This is also a great way to give them their space while keeping on eye on them at the same time.

School Dances are fun! The school provides supervision, and the kids have a great time hanging out with their friends.

Trick-o-treating? Believe it or not they still enjoy walking around asking for candy. After all, teenagers are kids with long limbs attached to stretched out bodies. Last year our boys gathered with their friends and walked through familiar streets populated with lots of families and plenty of lighting. We made sure their cell phones were fully charged to keep in touch with them. The punishment for not answering a call or text in a timely manner would result in them losing their phone privileges. No teen likes to be embarrassed by a parent who hunts them down, so that was another rule we added for any phone “issues” that prevented them from keeping us posted as to where they were.

Pizza and a movie is an oldie but a goodie. Instead of a splashy party you can host a spooky night-in with scary movies for your teens and their friends to watch. This is something we are doing this year. We have a houseful of boys so we’ll be stocking up on pizzas, chips, popcorn, candied apples, and Fanta sodas to wash it all down.

Community events are another great way to keep your teens busy on this night. Check your local newspaper, chamber news, or parks and recreation calendars for any events that may pique the interests of your kids.