What’s your best restaurant experience? and other pointless questions

1. What’s your best restaurant experience?

restaurant-clipart-fancy-restaurant-clipart-contemporaryHard to say. I think my best restaurant experience was the first birthday I celebrated courtesy of Mr. Pink. He took me to Upstairs on the Square, in Harvard Square, and it was so, so perfect. It was a total surprise, and if you go to the website, you’ll see that it was the most perfect choice on his part – and I knew that he really “got me.” What wasn’t so fabulous was how I got trashed on gin and tonics. Whatever.

2. What kind of lotion do you use?
I use allll kinds of lotions. Right now, my rotation includes Gloomaway, a grapefruit-y scented lotion, by Origins, Ginger-with-a-Twist, a ginger-citrus-y lotion by Origins, and, *ahem*, Queen Helene cocoa butter for the pregnant belly. Let’s keep the stretch marks at bay, shall we?

3. What’s your signature color?
Hmmm…pink and green perhaps?

4. What’s your horoscope for today?
I don’t read them.

5. List all the names you like to be called.
Pretty much just E and dear or darling

6. What have you learned this week?
Pregnancy makes a mockery of your waistline. Virtually IMMEDIATELY.

So, you’re pregnant?

I wanted to put that last entry up there since my very good pal and fellow pregnant lady Erika helped me put the pregnancy script on the sidebar this morning. And by “helped me” I mean “did everything herself.”

So, when I started telling close friends and of course family about our pregnancy, of course, there were lots of questions.

We found out we were expecting on July 30th – I took an early home pregancy test because, yes, we were trying. We had been talking baby since the beginning of the year. We decided that we’d start trying this summer, and I was planning on going off the pill this summer as well. Back when I had the cancer stuff going on, in early May, I remember getting into bed after the surgery and groaning to my husband that I had forgotten to take my pill. His response to that was, “Why don’t you just stop taking it?” I’m still not entirely sure that he meant that we should immediately start trying to concieve, or if he was just too lazy to get up and get my pill for me.

Kidding. I started reading “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” which is an excellent book that teaches you about natural familiy planning. Long story short, we “avoided” for a month, and then we started actively trying in June, and by our 2nd “cycle” of trying, I was pregnant. I realize how lucky we are, that we were able to get pregnant virtually immediately. And, I have known many women who have struggled with infertility, and the fact that we actually can concieve is huge.

And that is actually why I decided to let you all in on our wonderful news. I know that many women wait until the “safe” time – after the 1st trimester – to break the news, but for me, I really wanted to celebrate this wonderful, exciting, overwhelming time right now, and focus on the positive. And so I am. We are. And we are so very lucky.

But good lord, am I tired. And – this might just be the saddest part – none of my pants fit me anymore. My waist is expanding as we speak, and I have resolved myself to a few more weeks of wearing unbuttoned pants until maternity time. But I am not complaining – everything, the sleeplessness, the incessant peeing, the exhaustion, the weight gain – all of it – so, so worth it.

I’m gonna be somebody’s mom!