Where to Obtain a Wildlife Management Degree?

Wildlife management is the art and science of balancing the needs of wildlife – mammals, birds, fish, even plants – with those of humans. Wildlife management covers such things as game keeping, conservation, and even pest control.

As more and more people have become aware of the need to monitor the environment, in general, it has become a recognized science and those wishing to pursue a career in the area can now pursue degrees in wildlife management to gain a solid footing in the basics.

Which Schools Offer a Wildlife Management Degree?

As it is a relatively new subject for study it is not wildlife management is not yet a commonly offered course across the college campuses of the US. There are however a growing number of institutions offering students the chance to pursue a wildlife management degree at varying different levels.

At an associate’s degree level the small but well respected Vermillion Community College in Ely, Minnesota offers one of the most respected wildlife management degree programs in the country. Located as it is amongst some of the most beautiful countryside in the nation the college’s program fits the school perfectly. Topics covered in the Associates Wildlife Management degree program include wildlife ecology, forest and wildland field skills, zoology and hydrology. To learn more you can visit the school’s website at vcc.edu. Maybe a foreign exchange program would also get you ahead.

Bachelor’s Degree in Wildlife Management

One of the better-known schools offering a wildlife management degree at the bachelors’ level is Purdue University. The study is taken at the College of Agriculture at the college’s West Lafayette campus. The program is renowned amongst industry experts for its diversity and excellence. To be honest, I don’t know if this program is available online yet.

Students pursuing a wildlife management bachelor’s degree at Purdue can specialize in areas such as the biology of captive animals, communications, community and population ecology, conservation biology, evolutionary biology, game management, habitat management, human dimensions, quantitative analysis, and wildlife physiology and nutrition. Those who successfully obtain this wildlife management degree also gain recognition from The Wildlife Society as a certified wildlife biologist. You can learn more about this wildlife management degree at admissions.purdue.edu Check also this post on Christmas food and a WordPress update.

Master’s Degree in Wildlife Management

One of the colleges that confer a Masters in Wildlife Management upon graduate students is the University of Arizona. The school’s Master of Science in Natural Resources with a specialty in Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation and Management focuses on conservation, species diversity and resource management. To learn more about the program you can visit arizona.edu

Doctoral Degree in Wildlife Management

For those wishing to pursue an education in wildlife management to the highest level, Brigham Young University in Provo Utah offers a doctoral degree program in wildlife management. Students are required to complete original research and produce a dissertation on various problems related to wild lands, rangeland ecology, restoration science or wildlife ecology. Students also have a chance to gain an extensive knowledge in the fields of geographic information systems (GIS), soil sciences and advanced ecology. You can learn more about the wildlife management degree program at the school’s website at byu.edu